Indie Filmmakers' Internet Marketing Legion
Online Movie Promotion Through Internet Marketing Strategies

Hey There!

We Are Filmmakers. We Are Legion.

Not to overcrowd the moniker made famous by the Anonymous Collective (which we would love to make a film as soon as possible), but UK filmmakers need more exposure than what they already have.

But We Have Festivals, Right?

Yes we do. But sometimes, even these festivals discriminate against those who have used minimal resources to create their films. So anybody who uses an iPhone to film their newest work doesn’t deserve any space in the semi-red carpet of these festivals. So, we’ve thought of another way to expose our talents to the rest of the world

Our Story.

Johnny MC was a film school student when he first thought of analysing his film pages’ visitors. He took note of the hours most people would click and like his film’s Facebook page. He recorded people’s reactions when he invited them to like and share the page during certain times of the day. He was our first Big Data compiler, and he never knew the significance of his work for The Indie Filmmakers’ Internet Marketing Legion.

However, Johnny didn’t want to become president. So we became a collective. Like anonymous, we called ourselves the Legion for Filmmaking marketing.

Our Proposal.

Johnny’s successful social media marketing had many other students, who are now respected producers, directors and actors of independent films in the UK, had helped him reach an SEO company in Northampton, which later became the legion’s partners when handling metrics and social media analysis.

We propose to help you market your film. Using our knowledge in Internet marketing coupled with our understanding of your film’s heart and soul as producers, directors and artists ourselves, we want to make your film a success and get international attention.

Are you ready to take on the world? Contact us to let the Legion help you dominate!